Retinol & Hexylresorcinol Peel

Retinol & Hexylresorcinol Peel

The Retinol & Hexylresorcinol Peel is a powerful exfoliating formula for advanced aging signs. Containing one of the most recognized ingredients in the management of skin aging, Retinol as a derivative of Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), this ingredient helps boost the epidermal cellular activity while encouraging hydro-retention within the skin for deep repair and restructuring. Hexylresorcinol from rye cereal, has long been recognized for its antiseptic and anesthetic properties, however, recent research has demonstrated it to be clinically proven to inhibit Tyrosinase and that it is up to four times more effective than Hydroquinone in lightening and controlling skin pigmentation for an even complexion. In a synergistic combination with Glycolic, Phytic, and Lactic Acids (which exfoliate and lighten the skin), this peel formula is ideal for effective and expedited skin rejuvenation. Indicated for advanced aging signs, elastosis, hyperpigmentation and melasma, scarring, photo-damage, and general resurfacing benefits. Recommended for Glogau IV classification. For best results, a series of peels may be necessary. Not for sensitive skin.

Exclusively offered by physicians and medical spas.

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