MEDI-REPAIR® Retinol Line

MEDI-REPAIR® Retinol Line

Biomimetic Technology

An innovative technology in manufacturing skincare creams. Biomimetic Technology restructures and processes man-made natural substances in identical repairing systems that mimic and replace the skin’s natural elements. In doing so, these multi-phase creams can address complex skin problems and deliver increased stability, refined texture, and extreme efficacy for extraordinary results.


Powered for exceptional youth-boosting results, this cream features the latest in anti-aging technology. Micro-Retinol® micro particles facilitate the exceptional and swift delivery of potent retinol deep within the skin to normalize mitosis, enhance cellular performance, and restructure skin layers. Combined with stabilized Vitamin “C”, Hyaluronic Acid and Elastin Peptides, it delivers resurfacing, tightening, hydrating and revitalizing benefits, while lightening hyperpigmentation and leaving a luminous effect on the skin. Recommended for mature skin or as preventive care. Ideal as part of an anti-aging program.


Offering a breakthrough technology in encapsulation manufacturing: oxyzomes; a targeted delivery system that increases bioavailability of stabilized Vitamin C by 85%. This serum protects and infuses the antioxidant deep within the skin for maximum anti- free radical benefits and collagen boosting effects. Rejuvenates by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lightening hyperpigmentation for a luminous, toned effect. Recommended for all skin types. Ideal for mature, photo-damaged, and hyperpigmented skin, and following the complete healing of a variety of resurfacing procedures including Medicalia peels.


Formulated to amplify results, this serum's innovative ‘age-reversing’ Micro-Retinol® technology normalizes mitosis, boosts cellular performance, and restructures skin layers for visible rejuvenation. Skin appears dense and supple with a smoothed surface and diminished wrinkles resulting in brighter, more youthfullooking complexion. Recommended for nightly use on all skin types, especially mature, photo-damaged, and hyperpigmented skin. Also ideal for preventive care. Best if used in combination with the Retinol and ‘C’ Care Cream.

Exclusively offered by physicians and medical spas.

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