MEDI-HEAL® FACE Pre & Post Operative Line

MEDI-HEAL® FACE Pre & Post Operative Line

Biomimetic Technology

An innovative technology in manufacturing skincare creams. Biomimetic Technology restructures and processes man-made natural substances in identical repairing systems that mimic and replace the skin’s natural elements. In doing so, these multi-phase creams can address complex skin problems and deliver increased stability, refined texture, and extreme efficacy for extraordinary results.


A cutting-edge cream that enhances skin recovery and deep healing. Rich in Collagen and Elastin Peptides, it improves and shortens the healing process by boosting skin pliability and minimizing scarring. Its remarkable rehabilitative benefits promote wound healing, decrease wound tension, and keloid formation for a speedier and healthier recovery. Reduces pain and discomfort while rendering skin tone and texture supple and pliant. Recommended for sensitive skin and following most medical/surgical procedures including: Post-Acid Peels, Post-Laser Resurfacing, Post-Dermabrasion, Post-Rhytidectomy, Post-Blepharoplasty, Post-Rhinoplasty, and Post-Abdominoplasty.


Radically effective for pre & post-operative skin trauma management with expedited healing. Arnica Montana Flower Extract and Evodia Rutaecarpa Fruit Extract combine to reduce pain, inflammation, and protect the skin. These two actives effectively and dramatically minimize the formation of ecchymoses and speed up wound healing. Suitable for face and body use, before and/or after any cosmetic surgical procedures or skin trauma.


A unique blend of skin-friendly lipids and time-release sphérulite technology unite to normalize and enhance wound healing and manage post-procedure skin sequelae; such as scars, keloids, and wound stiffness. Provides multi-potent post-operative repair and relief of discomfort while protecting, soothing, and cooling the skin surface. Silky and non-greasy, its exceptional rehabilitative benefits expedite the healing process. Recommended for most post-medical/surgical procedures and sensitive, reactive skin. Best if used in conjunction with the Post-Operative Care Cream.

Exclusively offered by physicians and medical spas.

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